Blogging: Take 2

I totally did the thing. I knew it was a thing, and I did the thing anyway. I put much time and effort into making a WordPress website MYSELF, created a portfolio and a blog, and posted two articles. And now I am, over a year later, staring at my blog thinking… oops.

I had such big plans for blogging that are no longer relevant. I was going to write about language and Denmark and my experience as an American in Denmark. I used to have so many opinions about the Danes and their weird but adorable culture.

What Happened?

Right. I better explain myself. Well, the original idea for creating this website was so that I could offer an easily-accessible portfolio for my job search. And that’s sorta what happened. I started writing about Danish culture for a website called and getting pretty okay pay as culture blogging goes.

Getting an outlet to write about Danish culture paired with life sort of… happening, and I did the classic newbie content creator thing. I started a blog, and I abandoned it soon after.

So. Now we’re here.

Confessions of a Millennial

I’m not gonna lie, putting content onto the internet is intimidating. Some people blog to make money, some use it as an outlet, some write to teach and inspire, while others just want to share a piece of themselves with the world. For me, well, it’s kind of all over the place.

I’ve re-named… or rather… I named the blog: Confessions of a Millennial. Classy, am I right? A very millennial name indeed.

According to TikTok (not a credible source), millennials are the generation that refuses to grow up. We’re the old young people. We have a thousand different sources of income, and we’re still broke. But you know what? It’s never dull and makes for excellent blogging content.

What’s Next?

I have so much to share with you! From YouTubing to organization programs to financial domination to YouTubing again, it’s going to be a fun ride. Join me in my clumsy stumble through adult life.

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