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Dating a Danish man: A comprehensive guide to dating Danish men

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Tall, blond, deep blue eyes, not to mention that sensitivity to your feelings and dreams of fatherhood! Enough to make a girl go mad. Dating a Danish man may sound like the dream, but you might want to do a little research before you embark on that journey.

Dating Danish women: Unlocking the secret to dating a Danish girl

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If you don’t come from a Nordic country, Scandinavian dating might be a confusing experience. Scandinavia is already one of the most progressive regions of the world, but of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, Denmark is by far the most liberal. Today, we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about dating Danish women.

Danish drinking culture and the legal drinking age in Denmark

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Do Danes drink a lot of alcohol? Yes. Compared to other countries who also drink a lot of alcohol? Oh yeah. But can this be applied to the entire population? Pretty much yeah. What about the elderly or teenagers? They wouldn’t miss it. Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Danish drinking culture.

The subtle art of understanding Danish business culture

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Are you considering doing business in Denmark? Just passing through for a meeting or two? Maybe you plan to start or go into business with a Danish firm? Danish business culture is unique and worth learning a little about before making the jump.

Navigating Danish dating culture in the 21st century

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Looking to get into the Danish dating scene? Lucky you! Denmark has a dating culture like no other! With a record-setting degree of gender equality and impressively forthcoming communication skills, Danish dating culture is sure to surprise anyone outside the Scandinavian bubble.

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How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

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So you decided to write a marketing blog for your business. Excellent idea! A marketing blog is a fantastic content marketing strategy for your brand and products/services. So why haven’t you started seeing an increase in traffic or revenue? 

Electricity rates by state

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Have you ever put real energy into reducing the amount of electricity you use, just to see a higher bill the next month? You are not alone. Did you know that the cost of electricity varies by the minute?

How to Clean Solar Panels on the Roof

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Did you know that more energy hits the earth from the sun in one hour than the whole world uses all year? And what’s more, Humankind has been harnessing the power of the sun since homo-sapien day one. 

Here in the 21st century, we have become incredibly innovative. Solar power accounted for 1.66% of the national electricity consumption in 2020. Welcome to the energy revolution! Now sit back and enjoy saving the planet. 

Well. Almost.

Why is my MacBook so slow?

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Getting a new MacBook feels like being a kid again on Christmas morning! Remember that feeling? It arrived brand new, and it was gorgeous.

When you made the switch from Windows, you likely noticed the difference immediately. Everything just worked! Not to mention that Apple ecosystem! Phenomenal! A week later and you were a die-hard Apple enthusiast.

What the New HUD Eviction Rules Mean for Landlords

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Until October 2021, government-funded housing left millions of landlords without income for over a year. To prevent homelessness, the government did not allow HUD landlords to evict renters for over a year. Attempting to protect at-risk Americans, the government left a vulnerability gap for landlords to fall in.

Explore the Utah Women Owned Small Business Directory

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Did you know that women’s current unemployment rates have not been seen since the 80s? COVID has wreaked havoc on the economic wellbeing of American women and women-owned business owners, and Utah is far from an exception. Women’s everyday challenges have intensified during the pandemic, especially within business. 

Do You Have to Pay Your Traffic Ticket? How to Get It Dismissed

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Did you know that you can get your traffic ticket dismissed just by taking the time to fight it? Such a large percentage of people do not challenge their traffic tickets, that, oftentimes, the system charging you doesn’t bother to submit any evidence against you. If you challenge your ticket and there is no evidence against you, the case will be dismissed.

Are You Struggling With Self sabotaging?

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Did you know that having ADHD can make you more successful? Having ADHD doesn’t have to be a hindrance in the professional world. It can give you an advantage over neurotypicals.

The Can It Wait Debate - Is Your Car in Serious Trouble?

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Did you know that 60 billion dollars worth of car maintenance goes unperformed every year? Unperformed maintenance typically leads to more expensive trouble down the road, and with 90% of Americans relying on their vehicles for transportation, this is bad news for your wallet.  

Here’s How Burnout Can Destroy Your Healthcare Business

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Did you know that burnout rates in healthcare cost the American system $4.6 billion a year before COVID-19? The exponential rise in burnout cases following COVID triggered a mass exodus of doctors and nurses from the system. It has thus never been more important to address the problem of burnout in healthcare.

3 Signs It’s Time to Call for Raccoon Removal

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Like a toddler on a constant sugar high, raccoons are the not-so-sneaky little thieves getting enjoyment out of making the biggest mess you have ever seen. Raccoons are one of the few species that have thrived off the spread of humans. These adorable little bandits have adapted to urban and suburban life despite the destruction of their natural environments. 

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Teenagers and the Condom Conversation

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The condom conversation. It’s not an easy one, but it’s one of the most important conversations you can have with your teenager. Sex education throughout most of the world lacks luster. Taking the conversation home is vital for your family as well as society. The risks of unwanted pregnancies, STDs and STIs are topics everyone should be up to date on…

Moving Into a Nursing Home

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Do you find yourself in the middle of the complicated process of finding the right nursing home for your loved one? This is not always an easy process or time for the family. There are a myriad of practical tasks to be accomplished and it can be a confusing time for everyone involved…

Covid-19 and the Casino Industry

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant the closing of business doors world round and the casino industry has not escaped unaffected. However, where a large percentage of companies have seen the decline of business, the casino industry has had a different experience as gambling popularity has increased amid lockdowns through the world…

How to Choose the Right Dog

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Are you considering adding a four-footed family member to your household? Getting a dog is exciting for everyone in the house, but there are many decisions to be made – not in the least, what kind of dog is going to fit your home life best…

Introducing a cat to a dog home

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Are you thinking of expanding your family by introducing a cat to the house? It’s always an exciting experience to get a new family member but it can also be intimidating for both the humans and the animals. This is especially true if you are a dog owner and plan to be a dog and cat owner…

Academic Writing

Published via Roskilde University Library

- A Critical Analysis of the Discourse of Identity in the New Hong Kong -

The purpose of this study is the investigation of varying portrayals of Hong Kong identity produced by different media institutions within the region of Hong Kong.

This paper critically analyzes and compares discourses stemming from news media sponsored by both the Hong Kong and Chinese government with the addition of independent news sources.

- Interpreting Justice 44 Years Later -

Western Sahara is a disputed territory in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It is currently occupied and under the administrative power of its neighbor Morocco and has been so for over 40 years.

This research investigates how and why there are diverging interpretations of the Western Sahara conflict between the Sahrawis in the refugee camps, their representing government, and various actors within the international society; including the US, UN, EU and selected NGOs. 

- An analytical examination of the expression of the code of the street in Freetown Sierra Leone -

This study investigates the expression of street culture within the context of Freetown Sierra Leone.

The paper additionally provides insight into environments that can be qualified as ‘risky neighbourhoods’, according to street code theory. We discuss the need to further develop the theory within the global South for the purpose of evolving street code theory toward usability in informing global governance and development policy.

With a greater understanding of cultures and people living in disadvantaged areas of the world, comes improved governing and developing strategies within global governance institutions.

- The Case Of Extinction Rebellion -

This study assesses the discourse of an environmental movement by the name of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and investigates the extent to which elements of this discourse can be found within the British state’s discourse concerning environment.

The main finding discusses the differences in the ways that these discourses articulate the human-nature relationship to imbed the respective actor’s interest, where the state perpetuates a neoliberal political and economic agenda, and XR’s discourse merges notions from both anthropocentrism and ecocentrism.

Amazon Product Example Listing

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In an effort to protect product markets and competition, I do not wish to share listings that I have written for clients. This document is an example listing.

The keyword phrases used in this example are highlighted with the same color scheme as Amazon’s listing optimization program ‘scribles’.

This document includes; Title, Bullet Points 1-5, Description (with html Code), Search Terms, What Description Looks Like, Subject Matter 1-5 and a list of keyword phrases.