Sex Work and Why I’m Not Afraid to Try It

When I think of sex work, I immediately think of sex for money. I can’t be alone in that. But apparently, it’s a lot more complicated. Surprise! Like many people in the sex-work industry, I first considered entering the scene when money got tight

I was googling different ways to make money online when I found an article about a very ordinary – and reasonable-looking woman in her mid-30s. Apparently, SHE did sex work. and she was making bank. AND she wasn’t having sex with anyone.

Covid’s Contribution to Sex Work

During the Covid pandemic, millions of people found themselves in financial trouble. Countless people globally lost their jobs, and thousands of businesses went under. Women and women-owned businesses were especially vulnerable to the economic effects of Covid.

How were women more affected? Well, childcare and housework are still considered predominantly female-led labor. The woman usually made less when extra babysitting was needed in heterosexual dual-income households. Therefore, it seemed almost natural that she be the one to give up her job and stay home with the kids.

Female-owned businesses were also closed at higher rates due to childcare needs and an unequal division of parental care responsibilities. Unfortunately for many women, there was no second household income. Money had to be made somehow.

Do you know what there is a lot of during quarantine? — bored, isolated men. The online sex scene exploded.

Happy Single Women and Unhappy Single Men

Not only did Covid set the scene for lucrative online sex work, but the boom in the explicit industry also came at a time when women were beginning to feel more sexually liberated. Psychology Today recently published an article about the rise of lonely single men in the west.

Why is this? As women start to raise their standards and feminist movements bring greater economic independence, women are finding that they don’t need men. And if they chose to have one, he better meet their high standards.

Women everywhere throughout Europe and the United States are choosing to be single mothers via artificial insemination. Studies show that the happiest people in the world are single women, and the unhappiest are married women with children. Science also shows that men are happiest in relationships, and women are happier as single parents rather than married with kids.

An Evolving Perception of Female Sexuality

In a world where you as a woman don’t need to follow patriarchal standards of sexual purity and economic inferiority, nothing is stopping you from putting a price on what God gave you. And why not?

Men have been objectifying women for ages. Why not capitalize on that? Thanks to multiple waves of feminism, the tables are beginning to turn. It is more acceptable than ever to stand in public as a female and an openly sexual being. Now, this is not true everywhere. Sex-positive arenas are found more online and in big cities than in smaller towns and isolated communities.

But Wait… Where’s the Sex Part?

Let’s back up a second here and define sex work. According to Google, sex workers are “Adults who receive money or goods in exchange for consensual sexual services or erotic performances, either regularly or occasionally.”

A sex worker can have sex for money, but they can also upload pictures to the internet, sext, or otherwise contribute to the arousal of another individual. If you are wondering if having an OnlyFans would be sex work, the answer is yes.

What about getting Amazon items purchased for you by someone from your explicit Twitter? Also yes.

Is prostitution legal?

The word ‘prostitute’ is loaded with harmful and sexist connotations. Best to leave that word in the past where it belongs. But yes – many areas of the sex-work industry are legal in the United States and Europe.

What Kind of Sex Work am I doing?

Slow down there cowboy (cowgirl? … cow-human?). I’m gonna get into all the juicy details of my sex-work adventures in the next article. I’ll tell you why I decided to show my face, what platforms I’m using, the BDSM niche I found, and how much money I make.

How do you feel about the sex-work industry and women’s sexual liberation? Let me know down in the comments!

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